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im at the campus center...been here since a lil after 9..just chillin instead of doin work...ran out of dentyne fire and diet dr pepper at the same time!!!
got a tiny bit hungry (or empty since i had no gum...nothin in the mouth)
so i couldnt resist buying somethin to eat even tho it was after 10 pm...i bought light n fit vanilla yogurt (90 cal, 16 carb, 6g protein) to eat. i feel hungrier than before i think. Im watching court tv (dominick dunne's power priv and justice--about this bisexual guy who killed his wife and some other lady by pushing them down the stairs and beating them...a few other people who i know but cant remember their names joined me and it was really funny when they showed the male escort brandon or whatever...
sex $ alleged murder weapon..but will it be enough to convict michael peterson?
i shall see now
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