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ive seen the light (or atleast the yellow rice) hehe

went to dinner with laura
it was GREAT...
had yellow rice with 5 bean indian dish thing and then 4 of those fried in canola oil long tofu things, which i dipped in soy sauce. i went back for seconds. and i usually dont eat rice,potatoes or chickpeas,all of which i ate at dinner, but i decided to go all it's filling, but i decided to get something sweet so i got fruit which sucked, and then i had chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt, mixed with granola...
i have NO REGRETS.
that is not only bc i will go to the gym later, and also that i weigh less today than i have in years.

no, no..
its because one day in the future i can see myself hating myself for always having analyzed what i ate, by counting calories and carbs..enough is enough.

A lil extra froz yogurt, granola, seconds of tofu and beans and rice wont kill me.

So why not eat it?

If i go up to 106 lbs, will my life really change?
I think not.
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