she sneezed upon the silver sun (al_settimocielo) wrote,
she sneezed upon the silver sun

because im alive...

Five Things/People I Couldn't Have Gotten Through the Year Without
1)my parents

Five Things That 2003 Taught Me
1)Some people hide their intentions until it's too late; people change and you never know someone fully.
2)Things happen that are beyond my control and I have to learn to just understand that and deal with it.
3)I lead an isolated life.
4)I eat when I'm upset, and it was possible for me to gain 8 lbs.
5) I realized how much i love new york city.

Five Personally Significant Events of 2003
1)Emil moving away the first week of 2003
2)gaining a lot of weight and then with a lot of determination, losing a lot of weight after going to the gym every day and eating healthy is possible..(and then gaining a lot back at school)
3)Graduating from high school
4) Getting into mount holyoke...then going to bryn mawr
5) Leaving my family and city and dependent life to go to college and doing everything for myself.

Twelve Things I Want To Do In 2004
1) Get back down to 106lbs.
2) Become a happier and more social person, meaning develop more meaningful/substantial/deeper relationships with people.
3) Either become more attached to bryn mawr or/and start researching and applying to other colleges.
4) do SOMETHING extracurricularly...audition for the nightowls...anything..
5) meet boys, just to know as friends
6)Switch dorms so i am less isolated and lonely.
7) Go into Philadelphia for the second time, take advantage of my surroundings.
8)Join or find out about a photography club..
9)Enjoy classes and manage time well
10) keep in touch with cathy better
11) find a good internship
12) Go to haverford for the second time and go see swarthmore and u penn for the first.

Five Things I Don't Want To Do In 2004
1) have the next semester the same as the last
2) Complain too much
3) Waste time watching tv
4) Call my parents every friday night b/c i have no other plans
5) Eat when im bored/upset/nervous etc
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